RockStarrs. Our Wall of Fame.

We recognize that our people are our greatest asset and as a team, we have the perfect blend of user experience and technical skills, that enable us to deliver extraordinary digital experiences. Everyone at BrightStarr is an individual valued for their skills, capabilities and experience, but we all have four things in common - a passion for; technology, innovation, creativity and customer service. Here is a selection of some of our Starrs.


Will Saville

Co-Founder - UK

A serial entrepreneur since his early twenties, Will co-founded BrightStarr in 2006 with Rich. Will was previously a professional chef which allowed him to express his visual creativity and aesthetics. Rich, on the other hand, was a physicist with an incredible curiosity to discover how things worked and how to make them even better. After working together at a previous company, they soon discovered that when they brought their talents together, they were able to generate remarkably engaging and disruptive solutions.

During the next 5 years, Will helped grow the company to become a globally recognized brand in the SharePoint market. Will thrives on creating exceptional user experiences that are unrivalled across the SharePoint industry and is obsessed pushing the limits of technology and innovating. Will is still heavily involved with the business 10 years since launch and spends most of his time working on the Unily products, ensuring they’re the most innovative, usable and consumed SharePoint products out there.

In 2009 Will was recognized for his achievements and selected as one of the UK’s top 30 Young Entrepreneurs winning the coveted Young Guns award.


Richard Paterson

Co-Founder - UK

A technology enthusiast and an obsessive problem solver, Rich co-founded BrightStarr with Will in 2006. Rich was previously a physicist with an incredible curiosity to discover how things worked and how to make them even better. Will had a natural ability for visual creativity and aesthetics. After working with Will at a previous company, they soon discovered that when they brought their talents together, they were able to generate remarkably engaging and disruptive solutions.

As Joint Co-Founder, Rich is still actively involved in all parts of the business and has helped grow BrightStarr to be synonymous with SharePoint in both the UK and US markets. Whether it’s working on solving a technical challenge with the Development team or innovating with the Unily product, Rich won’t stop until the problem is solved.

In 2009 Rich was recognized for his achievements in business by being selected as one of the Top 30 Young Entrepreneurs in the Young Guns awards.


Jon Parker

CEO BrightStarr - US

With over 20 years’ experience in technology services, sales and customer relationship roles, Jon has worked closely with private, public and military customers, including Fortune 100 companies, translating technical issues, challenges and opportunities into effective business propositions.

Jon understands the business value of the Microsoft technology stack and is able to bring big picture strategic thinking to how to maximize clients current and future investments in this space.

Based in BrightStarr's Seattle offices day-to-day Jon travels extensively, especially to the East Coast offices in New York and Boston.


Amadeo Gallardo

Director - Argentina

As head of the Argentina operation, Amadeo has to have a wide ranging skill set, plenty of experience, and an understanding of how businesses work around the world. Fortunately, he has these qualities in spades, having worked for consultancies and clients from as far afield as Japan and Oman. Amadeo enjoys working in teams, particularly at BrightStarr, who create award winning SharePoint sites. Along the way, Amadeo has developed the perseverance to reach his goals no matter what challenges present themselves and the foresight to always be thinking two steps ahead.

In his spare time, Amadeo likes to learn new software, but also enjoys playing jazz and other Latin American music on the bass and reading International novels, particularly from the Americas, France and Russia.



Paul Jackson

Managing Director EMEA - UK

Paul has enjoyed a long and varied career in sales management and has managed teams across a variety of software platforms. He now heads up the UK business alongside founders Will Saville and Rich Paterson.

In the last 20 years, Paul has worked for companies as varied as FAST and Microsoft.

No matter what technology or team he is working with, one thing has remained constant throughout his career; Paul is dedicated to getting things done. It's a trait which has served him, his team and his customers well and one which he will continue to develop at BrightStarr.


Daniel Diefendorf

SVP Unily - US

As Senior Vice President, Dan oversees the complete Unily business in North America. In his role, he leads the Unily Sales, Customer Success, and Global Support and Architecture teams. Dan uses his extensive background in leadership, sales and business ownership to deliver results which are valued by customers, employees and shareholders alike.

After receiving his MBA and heightening his skills at select technology related companies, Dan brings exceptional knowledge of Software as a Service and Digital Workplaces solutions to BrightStarr.  Dan has been instrumental in growing Unily to a best-in-class solution and rising ‘starr’ in just one year.

Dan is an inspirational and truly collaborative leader, which is why Unily, a collaboration solution, is his perfect match. Outside of work his wife and four daughters are usually running to their sporting events or spending time outside hiking, skiing, or on the water. 


Mark Sahal

Head of Client Services - UK

Mark leads the Project Management team as well as working to coordinate the Consulting, Support and Development team alongside Sam Hassani and Michael Draisey. Having studied Business and Finance in the late 90's, Mark embarked on a career in IT in 2001, working in various roles over 11 years and joining BrightStarr in 2012.

Mark successfully blends business and technical knowledge to deliver a balanced result that factors in the needs of the entire business. Mark has a passion for delivering outstanding service and building long term partnerships and lives in Surrey.


Glen Chambers

Vice President of Operations - US

A big picture strategist who can still see the details, Glen is a hands-on, style leader who enjoys guiding his team through the fast paced world of technology consulting.

Glen plays a pivotal role in steering the North American division of BrightStarr. He combines extensive management experience with broad technical and business consulting skills. This unique mix of talents gives him a deep understanding of client needs and the means to communicate with the development team.

Glen is now based in our Houston, TX office having spent many years working from the New Jersey and New York offices.


Nanette Murray

SVP Marketing and Strategic Alliances - US

Nanette has the pleasure of shouting from the rooftops about BrightStarr’s capabilities and ethos through her Marketing and Alliance role.  The passion she feels for the company makes this an easy task.  She possesses years of experience in these areas, particularly managing the relationship with Microsoft, with partnership awards going back to 1994.  Her background is diverse, also covering business development and operations.  The key metric she uses to judge the success of anything she touches is the affirmative impact it brings to the employees, partners and customers she engages with.

On a personal level, she has an incredible thirst for learning and experiencing the world around her, much of which is quenched through far-reaching travel.  With plans to spend time on every continent, Antarctica awaits!


Michael Draisey

Head of Development - UK

Michael is BrightStarr’s Head of Development, although in reality, he does a lot more than that! He is ultimately responsible for the delivery of solutions to clients but also functions as a Product Manager for Unily. Michael is excited about new technology and also has an internal role as a new technology evangelist, spreading the word about hot new software to his colleagues all over the world. Michael was part of the award winning Linklaters project team and has a particular knack for translating complex business requirements into neat technical solutions.

Michael plays 5 a side football and enjoys kung fu in his spare time and is a big fan of the outdoors!


Sam Hassani

Principal Consultant - UK

‘Sensible’ Sam is an asset to the consulting team. Having jumped the fence from Microsoft a few years back, he now consults and designs large scale SharePoint, O365 and Azure solutions for BrightStarr. His conscientious approach got him his nickname, and although he’s not afraid to take risks, he’s always a safe bet. Delivering stable, well thought out solutions time and time again.

In his previous job, he specialized in SharePoint, working in the field and with the product team, Sam is genuinely excited by his vocation and speaks at conferences and events with enthusiasm. Just don’t get him started on hybrid search! At the weekend Sam likes to ride his road bike and hang out with his young son.


Matt Harding

Senior Software Developer - UK

A mastermind architect who knows SharePoint inside out, building world-class solutions for the enterprise.


Katy Smith

Digital Marketing Executive - UK

Katy’s role may not be customer facing, but her work is usually what new clients see first. If it’s beautifully presented, informative, and has a BrightStarr logo on it, she’s normally had a hand in it. Her role is broad, but Katy is a determined go-getter who makes things happen. She looks after the marketing team in the UK, marketing strategy for both sides of the Atlantic, and develops both the BrightStarr and Unily brands. Tactically, that means her team controls everything from ensuring the site comes up in internet search results, to the look and feel of your consultant’s business card. Katy came from a fashion background, obtaining her degree from Leeds University and via interning at a major women’s magazine, and now applies that same finesse to the BrightStarr brand identity.


Matthew Boyd

Customer Success Manager - UK

Having worked in communications for BrightStarr for over 2 years, during which time Matt was heavily involved with clients and case study production, Matt has now turned his skills towards consultancy. Matt works alongside both technical and sales teams to provide consultancy around the implementation of communication and collaboration technology, especially focused on building lasting relationships through delivering trusted consulting services.


Anna Maslanka

SharePoint Consultant - UK

After previously being mentored at Microsoft as a Premier Field Engineer (by BrightStarr’s Head of Consulting Sam Hassani), Anna has brought all her technical skills and experience to the consulting team at BrightStarr, to support clients with both SharePoint and Office 365.

Despite being a techy, Anna is a true people person and was awarded the 'Great People, Great Performance' award within Customer Service Support at Microsoft, for delivering outstanding service and most impactful Office 365 engagement. She brings this same level of customer service to BrightStarr projects, both Unily and custom, and helps clients understand the capabilities of Microsoft technology in a way they can understand.



Martyn Perks

Principal Business Consultant - UK

Martyn is a business consultant with wide ranging experience in both public and private sectors. His expertise is in helping world-wide and small organisations improve how they communicate, share knowledge and innovate internally — aiding their growth and competitiveness. He works with senior leadership to front-line staff advising and mentoring them with compelling insights, recommendations, prototypes and business cases. Because his background is in design, he uses these skills whenever possible to help make complex ideas simple, in tandem with tangible and insightful analysis.

In addition to his consultancy work, Martyn regularly speaks, produces debates, and writes about a wide variety of topics including about privacy, big data, social media, innovation, design, 3D printing, behaviour change, usability, architecture, and artificial intelligence. Publications he has written for include The Independent, International Business Times, Telegraph business, the Guardian, Big Issue, Core77, Design Week, Netimperative, spiked, Web Designer Depot and CMS Wire. He co-authored Winners and Losers in a Troubled Economy: How to Engage Customers Online to Gain Competitive Advantage (2008), contributed a chapter on online communities to The Future of Community: reports of a death greatly exaggerated (2008); founded the Big Potatoes: The London Manifesto for Innovation; and conveyed the Big Potatoes: Manifesto for Design group.

He has spoken at debates across Europe and in America including at the Cheltenham Science Festival, Battle of Ideas festival, Design Exchange at the London Design Festival, Anglo Israeli Association in Jerusalem, Zurich Salon, Dublin Salon, Hellenic American Union in Athens, London College of Fashion, and at the private members club Home House. He has appeared on R4’s PM radio news programme debating whether blue-skies thinking is a management fad with FT’s Lucy Kellaway, and more recently debated whether artificially intelligent machines will take over humanity on SkyNews’ lunchtime #SkyDebate. Thankfully, he said they are still lightyear’s away from being as smart as us!


Hugh Wilkinson

Infrastructure Consultant - UK

One of BrightStarr's longest standing residents, Hugh has watched the company grow from its humble beginnings into the global force it is today.

Hugh's time is spent dealing more with our clients' SharePoint infrastructure and administrative requirements, consulting on the implementation and configuration of farms of all shapes and sizes, from the small to the globally dispersed topologies, as well as all aspects of administering and maintaining SharePoint Farms in accordance with the latest best practices. He works extensively with the UK teams when it comes to delivering and upgrading to platform solutions for SharePoint and other Microsoft Enterprise solutions.

Hugh is a keen rugby player and is part of the running crew at BrightStarr UK (Sam, Rich and Ralph being other notable members).


Adam Wildash

Senior Developer - UK

Adam describes his work as “turning customer’s requirements into a functional reality” which sums it up pretty well. He could list out all the technologies he works with to create custom solutions, like SharePoint, .Net, Azure, & SQL, but that’s not the point. Adam leads development teams, liaises with his clients and runs demos of the solution and it’s all for one purpose – to deliver a ‘functional reality’ based on the requirements he’s been given. Says it all, really. Adam is from a consultancy background and got a first in his BSc in Computer Systems, Networking and Telecommunications, so when everything feels a little too easy, he loves the challenge of finding his way around a problem!

Adam devotes his spare time to spending as much time with his little ones as possible.


Ralph James

Project Manager - UK

Ralph is a Project Manager for BrightStarr and has worked in the IT industry for 20 years. He has experience managing a wide variety of projects in his time, not just in IT, and has notably worked on a project to put unmanned air vehicles in the skies above the democratic republic of Congo, keeping track of warring tribal factions for the UN. Keen for a new challenge, he made the move to BrightStarr in 2014.

His excellent communication skills enable him to be the connection between IT professionals and senior business stakeholders, a key aspect of effective SharePoint and enterprise technology solutions.

Ralph is one of BrightStarr's tallest employees at 6ft 2in and has participated in multiple triathlons.


Jamie Sauvarin

UI Developer - UK

Jamie has been at BrightStarr since college, and in that eight years, he has proven that he is dedicated to building his skills and learning new technologies. His determination paid off recently, when he was awarded Microsoft Apprentice of the Year (2013). Jamie continues his involvement with Microsoft by remaining part of the ambassador network, where he promotes apprenticeships to up and coming developers. At BrightStarr, he works mainly on UI creating best practice, industry leading front end code for client’s Share Point projects. He has been described as hard working and motivated as well as fun and committed.  

Away from the office Jamie likes to do anything outdoors. From hiking to football, as long as it’s in the fresh air, he’s in!


Annette Wolf

Unily Customer Success Manager - US

As Customer Success Manager, Annette is the central point of contact for her clients. The clue is in the name when it comes to her job title; she’s all about moving mountains to ensure all her projects run smoothly and her customers are delighted with the results. Once she has her brief, Annette will work internally with BrightStarr’s architects, developers and support staff playing client advocate, project manager, program manager – whatever is needed to get things done. To achieve all this, she has a Computer Engineering degree and a good head for problem solving.

And if Annette doesn’t sound busy enough, she does all this and coaches basketball, volunteers at her kid’s school and loves to travel. She’s been to 47 states here in America and 32 countries!



Hannah Unsworth

Senior Business Analyst - UK

In Hannah’s role as consultant, she gets involved at the very beginning of a project, running workshops to understand the client’s needs and wants. Her British Computer Society training certainly helps with this vital requirements gathering stage, but her work doesn’t end there. As well as putting together wireframes for new solutions, on Unily projects Hannah also becomes a Customer Success Manager. This vital role involves working with clients to prepare them for product deployment, and ensuring a successful launch and continued engagement. Hannah enjoys the challenge of understanding how business work and working out how her solutions can improve it.

Outside work, Hannah is sporty and outdoorsy listing rowing, skiing and camping as some of her favorite activities.


Arnaud Lusseau

Software Tester - UK

Arnaud is starting something of a new career at BrightStarr, having formerly been a Head Chef in France! Since retiring from the kitchens, he has found his niche as a Quality Assurance Manager and spends his days testing BrightStarr’s products. He works across the board technology wise, but focusses in on Unily. He is fluent in French and lived in the country for a number of years. He is a French college graduate.

In his spare time, Arnaud loves the French way of life which revolves around eating, drinking, and socializing with family and friends. He also spends time working on his house, doing some gardening and looking after his zoo!



Emma Parker

Unily Customer Success Manager - US

Emma was a teacher in her past life and her skills are now being put to use as a customer success manager. This involves project managing the launch of her customer’s new intranet solution and then coaching and mentoring users to ensure maximum take up of the solution. She facilitates the onboarding process and supports new Unily customers to optimize adoption across their while business. She prides herself on being supportive to both colleagues and customers.

Emma grew up in the UK and moved Stateside after college, where she has remained for the last 15 years. When she’s not busy being a wife and Mother, Emma counts Game of Thrones box sets as a guilty pleasure.


James Heathcote

Head of Support UK - UK

James is responsible for all the moving parts that keep Unily running like a dream. He heads up the support team, assists with pro-active support and pitches in to help with break/fix issues. Being an experienced senior engineer, there’s not much that can phase him these days! James came from the world of medical IT consultancies and with clients like the NHS, so he’s used to getting problems fixed, stat! His career has taken him to Amsterdam, Brussels and Munich so far and earned him an MCP along the way.

In his ‘spare time’ (which he claims is a misnomer, considering he has two kids!), he likes outdoorsy sports like sailing, skiing and mountain climbing.


Jess Dellinger

Client Services Coordinator - UK

Jess is the essential link that connects the Consultants, Support and Development teams together in the UK, ensuring every client is kept up to date, happy and deadlines are being met.

Jess works closely with the Consultants to ensure requirements and customisations are clearly documented and requests are followed through with the Development Team. Alongside this she works closely with the Customer Success Managers to get clients’ Unily Sites branded and scheduled with the UI team. Jess also works across teams to ensure a smooth transition for Unily customers into Support.

Jess is in a unique position on the PM team as she works from kick-off all the way through to Support, there for the whole life cycle of the project alongside the Customer Success Managers.


James Trusler

Unily Architect - UK

James works as a developer in the Unily team. He has been in the IT industry for the last 9 years and in that time, has picked up a considerable number of skills. He can program in C#, JavaScript, PHP and Java and is a Podio preferred partner of four years. He’s a team player, but also likes the chance to get his head down and knock out solid individual work.

Away from the office, James is using C++ to write a game which utilizes the unreal engine framework. He enjoys putting his technical skills through their paces. He’s also a keen skateboarder and can often be found on a half pipe practicing his tricks.


Jonathan Schmidt

Business Developer - US

Jonathan has been offering SharePoint based solutions for the last seven years, and it may be surprising to learn that his degree is actually in Art. Having worked as a designer, he moved on to take a course in User Centered Design giving him the unique perspective of being able to specify beautiful solutions that fit client’s needs and provide a great user experience. Jonathan enjoys solving problems and finding ways to improve productivity.

Christmas is a very expensive time of year for Jonathan as, being one of seven, he has twenty-three nieces and nephews! He is a keen triathlete and trains with a group who fundraise for cancer research.


Lewis Munt

Senior UI Developer - UK

Lewis was a founding member of the original team who built Unily from the ground up, a product he still works on and is immensely proud of today. He was also involved in the award winning dorma+kaba Unily project, so it’s fair to say he’s a truly effective team player. Lewis’ skills are numerable. He can work with SharePoint, HTML, CSS, JS and Razor for clients and internal sites. He holds a BA in Computer and Video games and an MD in Graphic Design so all that enthusiasm and teamwork is backed up with a solid skill set.

To relax, Lewis likes to snowboard, and has previously spent a whole season on the slopes. He’s a big travel fan, likes to go backpacking and is something of a film buff.


Rodrigo Molinas

Team Lead - Argentina

Rodrigo leads a development team who design, implement and deploy SharePoint and other web-related solutions for their customers. Above and beyond running the team, Rodrigo also contributes to improvements in development processes, ensuring all the wider team benefit from his hands on experiences with the product. His degree is in software engineering and he’s topped that up with five solid year’s of experience working with SharePoint. He has seen everything from simple, public facing sites to complex solutions with SAP integration, external web services and identity providers all added on. Rodrigo is fluent in both English and Spanish.


After work, he likes to get out for a run and on the weekend, he goes sailing whenever he can. He’s also currently studying for an MBA.


Martin Palmer

Director of Technical Delivery - US

As director of technical delivery, Martin’s role is to ensure your project goes off without a hitch. From his early days in the Army, at home and abroad and through years of collecting knowledge and experience from blue chip companies and consultancies, Martin has the pedigree required to get results. Did we mention he’s also an MLP in Java and HTML5? And an MCDBA.

When he’s not in the office, delighting customers or solving complex technical issues, Martin is kept busy by his four children.


Matt Parker

Project Manager - UK

Having cut his teeth in IT support, before moving into more technical roles, Matt has seen it all and is as good at dealing with the software as he is with people. He has worked with many of the top FTSE100 companies and is proud to have been part of the team that delivered top class intranets for clients including Velux, VW Group and Enterprise Inns.

Matt holds both the PRINCE2 and ScrumMaster certifications, so he is qualified and ready to adapt to the needs of the project team, however they like to work. At home, Matt continues the juggling act looking after his two sons and keeping up with the latest Formula 1 action.



Michael Grimes

Support Engineer - US

Michael Grimes is a client’s best friend when it comes to launching their new solutions. He’s the man who provides training on both SharePoint and Unily, so a session with him can mean the difference between users doing OK with their new solution or making it fly! Alongside training, Michael also keeps a watch on support issues and bugs, nixing what he can and working with colleagues to iron out the creases. Before coming to BrightStarr, Michael worked at Microsoft on the front end and user experience side of things. Previous to that he was at another consultancy honing his SharePoint knowledge and expertise.

You’ll primarily find Michael with his wife and son during his free time, but he can also be seen playing upright bass with his jazz group in the pubs and clubs of Seattle. And if that didn’t make him interesting enough, he’s also a big Doctor Who and Star Wars fan with a penchant for tattoos.


Robert McCall

Customer Success Manager - US

As the title suggests, Robert’s role revolves around making sure his customer’s projects come in on time, on budget and on brief. And he’s not just on-hand for set up, Robert’s work carries on through implementation, guiding his clients through roll-out and helping generate uptake within the organization. Originally from Canada, Robert hails from a medical device sales background and, since moving into the software field, he has collected an impressive collection of Microsoft Certifications. He is fluent in Italian, and also confident in French.

Robert enjoys such varied pursuits as cooking and baking for friends and family, martial arts and fitness in general. He has a passion for international films and does his bit for his son’s school whenever he can.


Scott Kovacevich

Quality Assurance Manager - US

Scott’s role is all about quality assurance, which he promotes through the full cycle of each project. Customers first become aware of his presence during user acceptance testing, where he guides them through the process of learning about the solution while making sure it meets all their needs. Scott is on hand daily to answer questions, help with configuration and makes himself available right through warranty. He’s had 15 years’ experience, from a number of industries, so he really knows his stuff when it comes to QA. Scott has even been known to write articles for magazines about it! He’s a natural leader, with enthusiasm and an innovative vision.

Married with teenage boys, Scott’s idea of fun is helping out with his local park’s live steam railroad. He also likes to camp and RV or ride his Harley.


Stuart Aldridge

UI Development Team Lead - UK

Stuart leads the UI team, and has a particular interest in client branded sites, as he created the branding engine for Unily. His role involves producing and styling custom user interfaces, running projects, and overseeing his team. All this is backed up with a degree in Digital Media Arts, HTML5/Javascript skills and years of hands on experience. Stuart started his career in a design focused role, so is able to bring his eye for the aesthetic as well as solid development skills. Stuart is known for his ability to simplify the complex which serves him well in his role.

Aside from programming, Stuart is into martial arts – Small Circle Jujitsu and Wing Chun, to be precise. On off days he can also be found spending time with his young family.


Julian Gamez

Snr Unily Team Leader - Argentina

After six years in the SharePoint industry, Julian has seen a fair few clients and plenty more solutions, some better than others. These days he specializes in just Unily, which he describes as ‘an amazing product’. His day to day role is a mix of management tasks and development, everything from understanding the client’s needs to coordinating the delivery of the final product. Julian is very particular about getting the job done, and done well. He’s always on the look out for potential issues and how to solve them.  

Julian is a keen tennis player, gets to the gym as often as he can and likes to hang out with friends. On quieter days, he’ll stay home and read a book.


Pablo Colaiacovo

Team Lead - Argentina

Pablo heads up a team of developers who look after BrightStarr’s custom build customers. He’s also an experienced back-end developer himself. Pablo is proficient in a whole host of languages including SharePoint, Sitecore, Umbraco, .Net and others. As complicated as his programming skills are, Pablo has one rule – always keep it simple. This no-nonsense approach has served him well and always leads to the neatest solution. Here at BrightStarr, he’s building on his skills and getting exposure to UX as well.

Pablo is a sociable guy, both in and outside the office. At the weekends he takes dance lessons and is currently learning both salsa and a dance from the Dominican Republic called ‘bachata’. He also plays the guitar.


Tony Briones

Sr. Software Engineer and Development Team Leader - Argentina

Tony roars into action when BrightStarr’s architects hand him the baton. Based on their findings, he breaks each project down into tasks, and co-ordinates his team to complete each task on time and on budget. When the work is done, he delivers the solution, along with a complete set of instructions for perfect installation. Where needed, he’s also on hand to walk his clients through the process, and gets actively involved with bug fixing and other technical issues when required.

Having been part of last year’s award winning Conoco Phillips/BrightStarr design team, he enjoys pitching in with group projects, working with clients and always striving for excellence. Tony is fluent in Spanish and enjoys reading, fishing and going to the gym in his spare time.


Michéle Johl

Office 365 Technical Account Manager - UK

Michéle has been in the IT industry over 15 years, both lecturing and practicing. For two years he trained SQL, .Net, SharePoint and Java SE7 and is as proficient using them as he is teaching others. He’s a qualified Microsoft Trainer, Microsoft Certified Professional Developer and a Microsoft Technical Specialist. His daily routine at BrightStarr includes support, solution architecture, developing, working on infrastructure and, of course, working with clients particularly on pre-sales technical discussions. Michéle is a great all rounder who is driven by passion and a desire to get things done!

Michéle’s hobby is visiting and exploring English villages which he likes to do at the weekend. He is fluent in Afrikaans.


​Patrick Hardy

Business Analyst - US

With over seven years of experience in SharePoint Consulting, Patrick has served in a multitude of roles such as developer, designer, business analyst, and tester.

Through the course of his career, Patrick has proved particularly passionate about strategy, governance, and information architecture.​ He enjoys immersing himself in understanding each client’s unique pain points and content ecosystem. His energy and creativity stems from the desire to design solutions clients will really enjoy using. When it comes to crafting and designing a new solution, Patrick is a true believer in the age old saying, “the devil's in the detail.”​​ He works across the US region and can be contacted via the Atlanta, Georgia office


Stefanie Millner

Human Resources Manager - US

Stefanie was BrightStarr’s first employee in the US and has been growing with the company ever since. She’s worked in the New Jersey and Texas offices that BrightStarr has outgrown, and is currently based in Seattle. Keen to make everyone’s career as rewarding as hers has been, Stefanie excels at her role in Human Resources. Her responsibilities include hiring and nurturing talent and developing each employee to grow his/her value. She also gets involved with job analysis, personnel planning, administration of remuneration, internal communications, and incentives.